Delightful Experience


The Fleetwood Grille Gastropub at Simeria is here to satisfy the needs of every true gourmand that enjoys grilled dishes.

We have 25 years of experience in making grilled food, and we have tried out countless different recipes from all over the world. Some of those recipes, like the chicken wings, the chicken quesadilla, onion rings made it to our menus, but they are still not what you’re used to.

We believe that our food has to look amazing and have a unique taste, you can’t find anywhere else. To find the best tasting dish, one must experiment with ingredients and food preparation all the time. That is exactly what makes food fun and our mixing of ingredients has resulted with some widely-known recipes. Every dish has spices and ingredients you wouldn’t expect, but that makes a huge difference in the taste.



We are especially proud of our home specialties that have turned many customers into regulars over the years. We take great pride in our recipes that seem boring, but taste like a dream. Here are some of our most popular dishes:


All burgers

Burgers are something we love to eat and prepare. Our most popular pick has to be the built it burger because you can choose the ingredients that go into it. The B.V.B. burger is made out of three different types of meat including venison. The taste is so full and rich, it often completely surprises our customers. Nothing can beat our burgers, that’s for sure.


Shepard’s Pie

Did you know that we use our own home-grown ground beef for this recipe? We serve carefully pick and prepared pieces of meat with mashed potatoes and some boiled vegetables. This is a beautifully balanced meal.


Buffalo Chicken Fingers

Our buffalo chicken fingers are super tasty and popular too. They are served with some tomato and lettuce, and of course, a dressing of delicious blue cheese. No one can resist them, for real.


Loaded Nachos

Everyone knows how nachos taste like, but our nachos are loaded with all the good stuff, shredded cheese, salsa, chili, and those bravest can try some jalapenos too.